Hi! Here's some Terms of Service.

By continuing to use this website you agree not to take Taylor's lurking for granted. You agree to use this site for the good of the community, not for evil. You agree that you will try to get Taylor's attention by writing funny posts, supporting each other, and being generally awesome, not by groveling, threatening harm, or just plain throwing a tantrum. (Otherwise, baby now we got bad blood.)

By continuing to use this site you acknowledge that it is designed to be a more informative version of Taylor's likes page, a tool to help you know when she is active (or quietly lurking) and other swifties might be online, and you agree to use it as such. You understand that it is not a stalking tool.

Finally, you agree to do what you can to spread kindness in this community, and that you won't ever forget to be awesome. (Because honestly, neither of those ever go out of style.)

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